Sunday School in Debrad

28. Mar 2014.

On the 22nd of March 2014 Debrad was the scene of a gathering of young people. An interesting cultural program was dedicated mostly to the chidren and their parents, relatives.

Place: DebraďDebraď


Three nice teachers from Hungary prepared games, dance, music to the audience. Boys and girls – between 3-months old and teen-aged – were asked to present themselves.They all have answered in fluent Hungarian to the questions of the television crew too.

The children showed how easily they could read. A nice story was told about a
mythical animal. A deer led Hunor and Magor to the territory which they choose for themselves and for their people to settle.

The participants could draw pictures and solve puzzles afterward they have finished reading and they acted it out. Dancing was the activity that they enjoyed most but. At the end  everybody could prepare and take  home as a present and as to remember a nice day a famous miracle musical- instrument called the saman`s drum.

Everybody hopes that this was not the last occasion we met. See you next time! Come and join us! The Sunday School will be organized monthly and welcomes you next on the 12th of April 2014 when Easter will be the central topic.

Zsuzsa Szeles Blunár, mother